Solid Fuel

Here at AMAC we pride ourselves on providing high quality solid fuels for all our customers. We stock an extensive range of solid fuels ranging from Premium Polish coal, Smokeless coal and stove fuel all guaranteed to transform your house into a home. We stock Bord Na Mona fuel, which ensures that our customers are receiving a product that has the quality assured mark, meeting all government regulations. All our products are priced competitively and we have experienced staff here to advise you on the best fuel for your needs. For our customers living in smokeless areas we have an extensive range of smokeless fuels. Cosyglow Gems, Anthracite, Nuggets, Magiglow and the new premium Stove fuel all of which are designed to be efficient, clean, slow burning, smokeless giving you the perfect fire.


For those customers who desire a traditional fire we stock high quality Irish Turf in both small bags and bulk bags guaranteed to give you that authentic fire. We also supply Bord Na Mona Peat Briquettes and locally sourced Hard and Soft Wood, which is available in both small bags and bulk bags. To start your fire quickly and efficiently we provide firelighters, Bord Na Mona fire magic, bagged Kindling and Eco Logs. Not only do we provide products to give you a warm glow on a typical Irish evening, we also stock wood pellets in 15kg bags.


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We are also agents for Calor Gas one of Irelands leading gas suppliers. Our gas supply ranges from the popular domestic gas to our larger 47kg bottle. We cater for all needs supplying both forklift and propane gas. For the summer season you can rely on AMAC to fuel your BBQ and heat your patio as we have tailored made productscalor gas

Coal Bunkers

In order to keep your fuel tidy and accessible we sell Sturdy Fuel Bunkers in 3, 6 and 12 bag sizes. All bunkers are weather resistant, lockable, durable, long lasting and maintenance free.

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AMAC also provides a reliable and daily delivery service to the East Cork area on all products listed above.


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